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my name is Christina. i love Jesus, adventures, and the color grey. this is a blog about things i do, things i love and things that inspire me.

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I found a friend.
Turkish coffee shop chandeliers. #iminlove #helloturkey
this #tbt is dedicated to @jboling and @cboling15 on the new little addition to their family! we’ve seen each other through so many milestones, here’s to the next season of life! #weneedanewpicturetogether
skies and desert at Masada.
Masada Selfie in front of one of king Herod’s palaces.
matching pants deserve a cute picture at the garden tomb.
the western wall.
where was this tile of wisdom a week ago? #sprainedankle #cankle
a beautiful hibiscus flower from a sweet friend has me reminiscing summer in @shortyself ‘s backyard. #homesweethome #Godisanartist
this is gamla.
we went to the Sea of Galilee today!
in front of Herod the Great’s fresh water pool. #iminisrael
waterfall fun!