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my name is Christina. i love Jesus, adventures, and the color grey. this is a blog about things i do, things i love and things that inspire me.

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Sunday mornings in Sicily.
after a three day sail, gelato is the obvious reward. #ilovemylife
this is Sicily. #ilovemylife
#parthenon #ilovemylife
cafe sittin.  (at Πόρος - Poros island, Greece)
ministry day in Athens with these lovelies!
boat sunsets. #godisanartist
with humidity. I am so not amused Athens. I left Texas to get away from this…
at Páros
just hanging out with Pythagoras. #pythagoreantheorem photo cred: @colterscarborough
group picture! photo cred: @colterscarborough
remember that one time we were all roommates, sailing the med, and learning about the bible? oh yea, that’s now.
this is the only perk of being on watch from 3-6 am. #godisanartist