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my name is Christina. i love Jesus, adventures, and the color grey. this is a blog about things i do, things i love and things that inspire me.

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this one time I was walking around Rome and found the quiet amongst all the chaotic…

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because it’s technically already Friday… there was this one time Shea and I were trying to do homework, but she got distracted by sunglasses and forced me to take a million selfies.  #flashbackfriday #youcancometakeselfieswithmeanytimeyouwant
it’s a day late, but in honor of national dog day here’s one from the archives. family portrait vol III.
galeria borghese
yet another gelato picture. #sorrynotsorry #thisisrome
this happened. #coliseum


Once again, I’ve dropped the ball on blogging again.

This school and boat has been one if the most enriching, yet exhausting times of my life. God has given me such a passion for learning and understanding his word, as well as a love for boats and the sea. Every day I have got to experience the wonder of His beauty and creation when I get up and go out on deck.

I don’t know if I have fully explained what I’m doing and what my time has looked like over the past four months, so let me just tell you:
1. We have read every book of the bible, in chronological order.
2. With a few exceptions, we have had someone teach an overview of each book.
3. Every week, we write a synopsis of the books we have read and learned that week as well as completed other assignments. Some of this have included making timelines of the Old Testament and doing a study of the kingdom of God. We also do applicational assignment for how we can apply the Word to our daily lives.
4. We sail. Each student is part of the crew that gets the boat from point A to point B. Sometimes that includes hoisting up sails at 3 am. or waking up to all of your belonging falling onto the floor.

All this to say, life has been busy but wonderful. I’m currently working on my final, which a consists of developing an hour long teaching of the bible overview. It’s crazy to think that I can teach someone the overall story of the bible, and I have working knowledge of the story of God and his people. I just love it.

You guys, the bible is awesome.
That’s just all I can say.

the prettiest gelato there ever was. I consider this the perfect reward for working on boat this morning and my final project this afternoon… #todaywasproductive #valetta  (at Valetta, Malta)