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my name is Christina. i love Jesus, adventures, and the color grey. this is a blog about things i do, things i love and things that inspire me.

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gelato time! #naples #piggies
oh hey Greece! I’ve been missing you and your lovely good. #vscocam #mykonos
just posin with the Parthenon. #vscocam #athens
columns galore. #athens
gratuitous in-flight picture of an airplane wing. complete with the Maltese coast. #cliche #sorrynotsorry  (at somewhere between malta and italy)
just TWO SLEEPS until I get see these faces! #icanthandlethis #ICANTWAIT
deck scrubbin’ with this girl. im so thankful for her! I’m pretty sure we have experienced the widest range of emotions possible together over the past month… we have spent time laughing, crying, bible joking, and contemplating life. just an added bonus: we get to do maintenance together too! #thisisnextwave #biblenerds
oh you know, just bringing a little but of the south to Malta. it’s chicken and dumplings time! #justcallmeasouthernladyall  #vscocam

it’s 11:38 on a Monday… of course there should be fireworks. #thisisgozo #lifeisacelebration (at Mgarr Gozo Marina)

happy birthday bubba! you’re the best big brother a girl could ask for! 😊
this one time I was walking around Rome and found the quiet amongst all the chaotic…

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because it’s technically already Friday… there was this one time Shea and I were trying to do homework, but she got distracted by sunglasses and forced me to take a million selfies.  #flashbackfriday #youcancometakeselfieswithmeanytimeyouwant