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God’s holiness.

i have read through the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy out loud the past two days with my reading group. i’ve always had the impression that those two could be the most ridiculously boring books of the bible.

well that changed.

we had a lecture on the Book of Leviticus and God’s holiness. I’ve never read the book through the eyes of who it was written to, the Israelites at Mt. Sinai. They Hebrews had just come out of slavery for 400 years in Egypt.

God was a new concept to them. they had no grid for worshipping only one god. They didn’t even know who Yahweh was. so knowing these things, you can better understand what Leviticus is all about. God is teaching them how to be in a relationship with Him, how to be holy in his presence.

God’s desire was for His people to rely on Him, to fellowship with Him and to remain clean in his presence. It is so eye opening to think about how much it cost for the people to sin and sacrifice. As Christians, we have Christ and therefore never see that cost. I’m still working out all that God is teaching me through this book. We are currently trying to live out Levitical Law. For this week we are making sacrifices when we sin, eating outside when we are unclean, and we are required to worship from a distance. I must confess, I went unclean about two hours after the activity started and have been unclean ever since. I’ll definitely post about this whole week after I reach the end though. This week we are covering Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Deuteronomy, and Songs of Solomon on top of Leviticus last week.

I found a friend.
Turkish coffee shop chandeliers. #iminlove #helloturkey
this #tbt is dedicated to @jboling and @cboling15 on the new little addition to their family! we’ve seen each other through so many milestones, here’s to the next season of life! #weneedanewpicturetogether
skies and desert at Masada.
Masada Selfie in front of one of king Herod’s palaces.
matching pants deserve a cute picture at the garden tomb.
the western wall.
where was this tile of wisdom a week ago? #sprainedankle #cankle
a beautiful hibiscus flower from a sweet friend has me reminiscing summer in @shortyself ‘s backyard. #homesweethome #Godisanartist
this is gamla.
we went to the Sea of Galilee today!