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my name is Christina. i love Jesus, adventures, and the color grey. this is a blog about things i do, things i love and things that inspire me.

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oh you know, just bringing a little but of the south to Malta. it’s chicken and dumplings time! #justcallmeasouthernladyall  #vscocam

it’s 11:38 on a Monday… of course there should be fireworks. #thisisgozo #lifeisacelebration (at Mgarr Gozo Marina)

happy birthday bubba! you’re the best big brother a girl could ask for! 😊
this one time I was walking around Rome and found the quiet amongst all the chaotic…

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because it’s technically already Friday… there was this one time Shea and I were trying to do homework, but she got distracted by sunglasses and forced me to take a million selfies.  #flashbackfriday #youcancometakeselfieswithmeanytimeyouwant
it’s a day late, but in honor of national dog day here’s one from the archives. family portrait vol III.
galeria borghese
yet another gelato picture. #sorrynotsorry #thisisrome
this happened. #coliseum